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Vibe Endurance Kit

The ultimate male performance package, designed to help men reach new heights of sexual stamina.

This advanced kit comes with a masturbating sleeve, glans tickler and cock & ball ring, all of which are made from Bathmates super-silky silicone and powered by our 10-speed, high-performance IPX7 VIBE Bullet to take endurance to the next level.

Hand Vibe

Elevate Your Solo Soiree to Symphony Status

Looking to add some "va-va-voom" to your vroom? Meet the Bathmate Hand Vibe, the masterstroke of masturbation sleeves.

Crafted from super-soft, ultra-luxe silicone, this little marvel invites you to slide into a world of unparalleled pleasure.

But hold on to your hats (and your pants), because this isn't just any sleeve—it's a sleeve with a groove. Powered by a high-performance 10-speed bullet vibrator, the Bathmate Hand Vibe takes you on a euphoric roller coaster ride from "Oh, this is nice" to "WOW, I SEE STARS!"

Vibe Edge

Your new partner-in-crime for those "Oh-so-close!" moments

Bored of hitting the "climax" too quickly? The Bathmate Vibe Edge is here to say, "Hold my beer."

This sleek, sassy sidekick is a master of anticipation...

It's your personal wingman in the quest for ultimate edging mastery. Sleek and versatile, it comes with customizable settings designed to tease and please—then tease some more.

Brace yourself: it's not just a vibe; it's a whole mood!

Maximus Vibe

When Power Meets Pleasure

Clad in premium silicone, this cock-and-ball ring not only elevates blood flow to the right places but also ensures a snug, yet comfortable fit.

The 10-speed vibrating bullet will turn your performance into a standing ovation. With speeds ranging from "Well, Hello There" to "Rocket to the Moon," the Maximus Vibe doesn't hold back.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


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