A powerful option for personal cleansing, the Bathmate Hydrodouche lets you adapt your shower into a convenient choice for douching.

Just attach the main body of the Hydrodouche to the hose, connect the wand to the hose, and you’ll be ready to go. The Hydrodouche essentially works via gravity - no moving parts required.

More Information about the Hydrodouche

Start running your shower with warm (definitely not hot) water, making sure the flow constrictor is closed, and fill up the chamber until overflowing. Take the hose out of the holder, apply lube and insert it to the level you require, opening up the flow constrictor to the level of pressure you require.

The Hydrodouche lets you take complete control over your douching sessions, with an entirely customisable level of flow, and a 9-inch nozzle letting you clean as deeply as required. Along with this option, we also offer a simpler-to-use bulb-type douche - the Bathmate Hydro Rocket.

In order to make sure that your Hydrodouche is always hygienic, we really recommend thoroughly using Bathmate Clean, our customised antibacterial cleaner, after every use.